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Physical Therapist, Co-Founder


Why Omega Project? I have been building towards this my whole life! The reason I got into Physical Therapy was because I had "shin splints" running in high school. That injury experience showed me how much of an impact PT can have on runners/endurance athletes. 


In PT school (University of Delaware) I was lucky enough to learn running gait analysis under two of the world's leading running researchers (Irene Davis and Rich Willy), which set me up for having great early success working with runners. 

I continued to have many questions about the best ways to treat runners, and was researching wearables and 3D Motion Analysis. I saw an opportunity to get even better results with runners and created a way to use 3D Motion Analysis in a clinical setting. 

Omega Project is an opportunity to take all that I have learned and created over the past decade and turn it into a place where runners and endurance athletes can come to get
back to the sport they love quicker and even better than they imagined. 

What are your hobbies and interests? My biggest interest is spending time with my family! I also enjoy running, triathlons, hiking, teaching, movies, and reading as much as I can. 

SPECIALTY Physical therapy SERVICES: Running Injuries, 3D Gait Analysis, Post-Operative/Post-Injury Return to Sport, Functional Dry Needling (Level I), Run and Multi-Sport Coaching

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