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Our goal at Omega Project is to help you be as successful as possible, to help you feel as good as possible, and to help you perform as well as possible. We always strive to provide you with more than injury relief. We want to go beyond decreasing your pain and help you live your best life.
With that being said, we are going to be providing 4-8 week programs that can be purchased and downloaded to your own personal calendar on our app, RunDNA. All programs include exercises and some have an added educational component. Programs we are currently working on include:
  • Runner's Strength Program - A strength program every runner needs to become a faster and more resilient runner.
  • Physical Solutions for Stress and Anxiety - A program to teach you how to take control of your nervous system to decrease stress and anxiety and improve overall health.
  • Shoulder Strength for the Tennis Player - A strength program for the shoulders and postural muscles to improve your game and decrease injury risk (including tennis elbow!)
  • Strong Foot, Strong Breath, Strong Mind - Learn how to use your feet and your breath to help improve your stability, both physical and mentally. 
  • Strong Foot for the Runner - Strengthen your foot core to reduce running injury risk and improve performance.
Some current features of the app:
  • Daily email reminder
  • Daily exercise program with videos and ability to "check off as complete"
  • Personal dashboard with a visual of how much of your program you have completed
  • Ability to move daily exercises to a different day
In the box below, let us know your thoughts! What programs would you like to see? What would help you be successful in following through with the program? Anything else?
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