Live with less pain and pursue your true passion

A personalized and innovative health care experience to get you fast and effective results.

Life is too short to live in pain

Have you been told to stop the activity that you love but can't imagine stopping?

Have you tried other forms of healthcare with little to no success?

Do you feel like your identity has been ripped away because you can't do your favorite activity? 

  • Stop Feeling


    We create treatment plans that are easy to understand and meet your individual needs.

  • Stop wasting time

    Spend your time doing what you love, not injured and in pain.  You deserve fast and effective treatment.

  • Save Money

    Modern medicine can be filled with unnecessary tests and procedures costing you money without any results.

What makes us different

We specialize in treating those who can't stop and won't stop!

The worst thing about being in pain and injured is being pulled away from what makes you who you are. 


The reason Omega Project was created is because we were frustrated with how modern healthcare was not prioritizing the individual patient.


Every patient deserves to be heard and to be treated as an individual.  Our team of expert practitioners brings an all-in-one experience that delivers fast and effective results.

If you are a runner, a golfer, or someone who can't stop and won't stop we are here to help!  


how we help


Tell us your story and let us address your unanswered questions.  Contact us or schedule a FREE discovery visit.

Schedule Evaluation

We utilize Physical Therapy, 3D Gait Analysis, Metabolic Analysis, and more to help get you back to doing what you love.

Receive Your Plan

Because it's specific to you, the plan prioritizes your needs and limits the time taken from your already busy day and training schedule!

Stay Healthy

You don't want to miss any runs, races, or games in the future, so let's stay on top of things with wellness and maintenance visits.


Physical Therapy
Functional Medicine
Performance Solutions


Robby Andrews

1500m Olympian (2016)

"I like to think I knew how to run correctly after 15 years of competitive running. After college I struggled with chronic overuse injuries that limited my ability to compete and enjoy my sport. Doug’s approach to treatment and education has rebuilt me from the ground up. I’ve received the highest level of care through soft tissue work and gait retraining. Doug is relentless is identifying the problem and developing a plan to strengthen, heal, and re-learn how to run properly. I travel from south of the canal up to Wilmington to see Doug because of the quality of care he provides. He makes runners of all abilities feel like elite athletes and takes their needs seriously."


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Wilmington, DE 19802


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