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A proven system to keep you running

If you have been frustrated by injuries or poor performance, there is an easy way to run faster and/or farther with less effort. Recent advances in 3D running analysis technology enable runners of all abilities to get the insight they need to know and improve their form. Athletes work with a certified running gait analyst to develop a personalized plan with exercises, drills, and cues that will improve their running form. Runners will see instant results and make lasting changes in as little as 2-3 weeks. Even a 10% improvement in form can help runners go twice as far before their body breaks down. If you are serious about running, a 3D running gait analysis is the best way to get great results.

I  Why get a 3D Gait analysis  I

Reduce Injuries

Reducing the stress of each step by 10% can help you run twice as far before your body breaks down. Changing your form can help with this.

Improve Performance

Running form contributes to running economy, one of the biggest predictors of run performance. Improved running economy equals improved performance.

Love Every Run

When you get a gait analysis and find a new form that works for you, it often feels easier and more enjoyable because your body does less work for the same result (or faster).

Our running experts

Dr. Doug Adams is an internationally recognized running specialist who has designed an ecosystem for treating and preventing running injuries. He works closely with elite athletes, the military, and all levels of runners looking to optimize their running. He has trained thousands of specialists on his system of treating runners, which includes the 3D gait analysis technology we use here at Omega Project.

    CEO and Co-Founder RunDNA

    Co-Founder Omega Project PT

    Team PT for Tinman Elite

Dr. Doug Adams

Dr. Brianne Scott, Dr. Kaitlin Richetti, and Dr. Kyle Hughes have all trained under, worked with, and taught with Doug as he developed the advanced system we use to evaluate and treat runners. They are all Level II Certified Running Gait Analysts under the RunDNA system. Each therapist brings unique interests and skills to create a well-rounded approach to treating runners and athletes who run. Click on their respective picture to learn more about each running specialist.


Brianne Scott

Dr. Brianne Scott

Kaitlin Richetti

Dr. Kaitlin Richetti

Kyle Hughes

Dr. Kyle Hughes

I  I'M Ready to Improve my Running  I

Our certified Gait Analysts Use A systematic approach to get you out of pain and running faster

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Movement Assessment

We use the running readiness assessment to determine how your mobility might be affecting your injury risk and running performance.


Untitled design (54).png

3D Gait Analysis

Get instant and accurate feedback on your running form. Our certified gait analysts use this information to provide cues and drills for immediate results.

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A plan that works

Don't waste your time doing all the exercises on the internet and social media. We'll build a plan specifically for you using the RunDNA app. 

A common question is whether it would be best for you to get a 3D GAIT SCREEN or the Full 3D Gait Analysis.

If you are currently injured and/or have had a long history of injuries and/or are experiencing decreasing performance, we highly recommend the full analysis.


We will have ample time to talk about all aspects of your training and injuries as well as have time to make real time changes that can impact your injuries and performance right away.


The full analysis also allows us to prescribe a highly individualized program to help you meet your goals.


A SCREEN can still be a powerful tool, however. See below to view what each service has to offer!

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