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Building Faster Runners

At Omega Project, our main goal is to keep you doing what you love. If what you love is running, we believe there is no better place to improve your running. Whether you're currently injured, want to prevent future injury, want to improve performance, or want to make sure you can run forever, you're going to want to know about the proven system we use to build stronger runners.

We use the RunDNA Systematic Approach. This approach utilizes the Helix 3D Gait Analysis System and a convenient RunDNA app so we can personalize a plan for you that prioritizes your needs. We are constantly inundated with information about exercises we could be doing to help us run better and treat our injuries. There's only so much time. We want to help you prioritize exactly what YOU need.

Here's how it works:

  1. We learn about you! If you're coming to see us, we want to know everything about your running. We don't want to miss anything that could be contributing to your injury or poor performance. We'll discuss training load, shoes, nutrition, sleep, stress, etc.

  2. We take you through the Runner Readiness Assessment and Comprehensive Evaluation. It's all about finding the root cause. We know that certain mobility restrictions (flexibility or strength/stability) can impact current injuries, injury risk, and performance. Our assessment highlights those limitations and helps us prescribe a personalized exercise plan to address your pain and limitations. You can't exercise all day, so we prioritize what you need the most. When we add these exercises to your calendar on the RunDNA app, it's easy to stay on track with clear instructions and videos.

  3. We assess your running with the Helix 3D Gait Analysis System. Working on stretching and strengthening does not change how we run. There are simple cues and drills you can learn that can make a big impact on your running form and performance. The Helix 3D Gait Analysis allows you to put those changes into practice right away and see the immediate result. Read more about why every runner or athlete who runs should get a 3D gait analysis.

  4. We help you stick to the plan! What is a well-laid-out plan if you're not able to stick to it? Personalization and prioritization go a long way in making sure you're successful. We can also spy on your calendar to see how many of your workouts you are completing when you use the app. We want you to be successful!

  5. We provide feedback. It takes about 6-8 weeks to make the changes in your running form stick. You can come in to see the results for yourself with a follow-up 3D gait analysis.

The proof?

Our very own Doug Adams created the Helix 3D Gait Analysis Device, the RunDNA app, and the systematic approach to treating runners. One of his biggest goals for the system is that the military incorporates RunDNA to help reduce injuries and improve performance in troops. Running injury rates are high and costly for the military. $5.2 billion is spent annually on musculoskeletal injuries and the Air Force spends $43 million a year for running-related injuries at Basic Military Training. This number only includes injuries from the knee down. That is an astounding cost.

Doug and his team at RunDNA have teamed up with the Air National Guard to help reduce injuries and boost performance. Early results with the Air National Guard (ANG) showed an average of 90 seconds improvement for the 1.5-mile run test and no reported injuries.

Click to link more to read and hear more about how Doug is helping to build faster injury-proof troops!

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