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Favorite Foot Release

For this week, we bring you one of our favorite ways to take a break, relieve sore feet, and connect with the ground. In future posts, we will talk about the importance of the sensory input from the bare foot and how it can affect everything from emotions and memory to breathing and stability.

This foot release is designed to relieve all the usual suspects of sore feet, including the plantar fascia and peroneals. You will want to hold the ball in place (for about 20-30 seconds) over each of the SIX points indicated below. Rather than rolling, allow your foot to melt over the ball. If you feel pain or resistance, take a deep breath in and out and imagine the tissues of your foot giving into the pressure of the ball. There is no need to "kill it" with this exercise.

PRO TIP: Leave the ball out where you can see it so you don't forget about it! You can do this exercise anywhere: at your desk, while brushing your teeth, etc.

EVEN MORE PRO TIP: Combine this exercise with deep diaphragmatic breathing for an ultimate nervous system reset and mini mindfulness session.


Foot Release
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