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Get Better Quicker with Winback TECAR Therapy

This week we want to feature yet another one of our unique services. At Omega Project, we utilize innovative treatments that set us apart from the rest AND get you better quicker!

Last week we discussed the analogy of an injury being similar to a demolition site. For a full recap, check out our post on LASER THERAPY.

The general idea with this analogy is that when our body becomes injured, just as with a demolition site, we rely on a clean up crew to come in, secure the site and protect the area while clean up occurs. The clean up crew for the body is a group of inflammatory chemicals. While they do cause pain, they also help to protect the area by preventing you from doing too much activity to cause further injury. Eventually, we want the clean up crew to leave the area so that the repair crew can come in and get started with rebuilding. Occasionally, the clean up crew gets stuck, preventing the repair crew from starting its job, and limiting full healing and recovery.

The goal with TECAR therapy is to help promote the repair and rebuilding of tissue and to reduce pain. TECAR means Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer. Energy transfer occurs by means of a high frequency and non-invasive current that is delivered via an electrode to promote intra- and extra-cellular exchange. Through this cellular exchange, the Winback improves your body's natural ability to repair itself. TECAR therapy can also help to reduce pain by blocking nerve impulses and can assist in promoting blood and lymphatic circulation to an area of pain or injury.

With both acute injury and chronic inflammation, we have found TECAR Therapy to be very helpful in reducing pain, improving mobility and accelerating healing. We have seen a lot of success in using the Winback to treat deeper soft tissue injuries, such as lateral hip pain, calf and hamstring strains as well as deeper joint pain due to arthritis. TECAR therapy can also be beneficial for patients who are trying to manage their pain conservatively and avoid medications or surgery for chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

During a TECAR session you will typically feel a comfortable and soothing warmth at the treatment site. Typically treatment begins by "warming up" the superficial tissue first and then transitioning to treatment of the deeper structures. Depth of the tissue being treated is determined by the frequency of the current utilized; higher frequency targets the superficial structures and lower frequency targets the deeper structures.

We always recommend a full evaluation and physical therapy treatment along with TECAR therapy for several reasons. We want to complete the repair process by loading the tissue with the correct exercises. We also want to find and treat the root cause of the injury. However, we have had many patients who use stand-alone TECAR Therapy treatments successfully to treat their pain and injury.


During the Holiday Season, you can purchase gift cards for discounted TECAR Therapy services and give your loved one a gift of decreased pain!

Winback TECAR Therapy - 2 visits for $75 (Normally $50 a visit)

Just have them mention the Holiday Sale when they redeem their gift card.

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