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Gifts for runners who have too much stuff

Runners tend to take care of themselves pretty well when it comes to accumulating running stuff. If you have a runner in your life, chances are they have a lot of the latest and greatest running gear, foam rollers, shoes, etc. So if you're still trying to figure out what to get for the runner in your life, here are some great ideas!

MASSAGE Runners typically have sore body parts that need some work. Send them to someone who knows how to help! We personally recommend the folks at Touch of Health because they are certified in medical massage. The massages are more specific and helpful for injuries.

FLOAT SPA Brianne's personal favorite if anyone needs to know what to get her! The float spa is helpful for recovery, stress relief, anxiety relief, pain relief, and more. There are two float spas near here.

3D GAIT ANALYSIS Get your runner to stop complaining all the time by helping them take care of their injuries the right way. A 3D gait analysis can go a long way in helping to decrease injury risk and improve performance.

NUTRITION PRODUCTS The cost of gels, bars, hydration, and recovery can really add up. It may add some clutter to the pantry but it's sure to get used.

INFRARED SAUNA Give your runner something to help them rest and recover. The infrared sauna can help improve cardiovascular fitness, boost the immune system, and prepare for hot summer runs.

SOCKS Ok, so this falls under the "stuff" category, but a good pair of running socks can be a runner's best friend. It's not always something we want to spend money on. Plus, it's time to convince your runner to get rid of their old smelly socks for good.

COACHING Help the runner in your life meet their running goals by helping them hire a coach. A race PR can be the greatest gift of all!

RACE ENTRY Between the gear and the nutrition, training for a race can be expensive. Help out by paying for the race entry.


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