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Guest Post - Are you Leaking while Running?

Urine leakage with running is not normal and not ok. Read below and watch the video of our guest vlogger to learn more about this issue and what you can do about it.

Anne Duch, owner of Physical Therapy for Women, was gracious enough to talk to us about pelvic floor health with running.

Urine leakage is an issue that's way more common in females, but males are not excluded from having these types of pelvic floor issues. Oftentimes it's viewed as acceptable to have some amount of urine leakage after pregnancy, but the truth is, it's not. This issue is telling us you have something going on with your core strength and coordination. It could lead to running injuries and other issues (back pain) later on.

When we talk about core strength, we are talking about the whole system. Most people think they have a strong core because they do "a lot of core work." However, you're probably missing an essential part of core strength. The abdominals are the walls of the core, but we also need to address the roof (diaphragm) and the floor (pelvic floor). It is with the walls, the roof, and the floor that we are able to maintain intra-abdominal pressure (core strength).

Listen to the video posted below to listen to Anne discuss the possible cause of urine leakage with running and ways to begin to address it.

P.S. We love how she combines breath work with our favorite wall drill!

If you're not already following Anne Duch on Instagram, she posts some great information regularly! Check it out @PTforWomen

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