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Injury Rehab Progression - Load It!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

A big reason that runners and movers alike don't maintain the gains they make with rehab (stretching, massage, etc) is that they don't do the strengthening needed to maintain those gains. Once again, if our body does not feel safe in a position, it will not allow you to go into that position.

Here are the BIG reasons (besides good mobility) that you should incorporate strength training into your weekly routine:

  • #1 thing you can do to reduce your risk of running injuries

  • #1 thing you can do to help you finally get over that tendonitis

  • #1 thing you can do to maintain your mobility as you age

  • #1 thing you can do to reduce bone density loss as you age

Strength training has also been shown to increase aerobic capacity, increase maximal speed, and shift our metabolism to more fat burning (a sign of good cellular health).

OKAY, so now we're assuming you've got the weights in your hands and you're ready to go, Right?

Here are some recommendations to follow:

  • For learning a movement, pick a weight that you feel you can lift for 8-10 reps with PROPER form.

  • Once you have more experience with a movement, gradually progress to a weight that is heavy enough that you feel like you need to stop after 4-6 reps.

  • Lifting light weight or body weight for high reps is not effective in building muscle strength.

  • To progress: add a heavier weight to your last set, go one-sided (single leg squat, one arm press, etc)

  • Work all muscle groups, including your upper body.

  • Learn the exact progression you need to load your tendon or other injured body part from a trained professional.

  • Learn how to work different joints in a full range of motion from a trained professional (i.e. overhead press, deep squat).

  • We know you all love CORE. Some of the best core exercises are those that simply involve lifting heavy weight with proper form (i.e. heavy weighted lunge or squat).

Move on to the next stage in the Injury Rehab Progression: Return to Sport

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