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Reasons to NOT exercise

There are so many reasons TO exercise: stress relief, weight loss, training, promoting good sleep, the list can go on and on, but have you thought of the reasons to NOT exercise?

  1. You're tired: Exhaustion is a major reason to not exercise! When we are not getting adequate sleep our bodies are not allowed to properly recover. As the exhaustion continues to build it can lead to poor recovery and healing and in turn, promote injury. If you feel tired, your body is telling you to rest!

  2. You are healing from an injury: During the time of healing it is more important you are giving your body proper nutrition, which includes proper hydration, and rest. Your body can not heal if you are continuing to exercise and using resources to complete the workout instead of healing.

  3. You're sick: I think this is the easiest one to accept missing a workout for. When you are sick, yet again you want to prioritize rest and proper nutrition.

  4. You are not eating enough: This reason unfortunately is a very common one that is ignored. No matter the reason you are not eating enough you need to ask yourself, how do I expect to perform at my best, if I am not properly fueling my body?

  5. Guilt: As we continue in the season of celebration and good food, it is important to know you don't need to do a hard workout to "make up" for indulging in some treats. One cookie or one extra portion of mashed potatoes is not going to break you. You are human! Going with guilt, we also need to look at from the perspective of guilt from missing a workout. Again, you are human and missing one workout is not the end of the world.

When it comes to your next workout, take time to reflect on your reasons why, how your body is feeling and what your body is telling you. This is your permission to slow down, take a break and rest!

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