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The Best Yoga for Runners

Stretching is not always the answer to nagging injuries or tight muscles. Often times, we remain tight after stretching or mobility work because we don't have the strength to maintain that mobility. Basically, our brain tells us we are not safe in that new range of motion because we are not strong enough in that range of motion. It is a protective mechanism. The muscle just tightens up again. We're sure you experienced this very thing, whether it's your hamstrings or calves.

This is a topic we will dive deeper into in future posts. However, for today, we are sharing a great whole body mobility routine. This is something Doug calls "yoga for runners" (note: we are not certified yoga instructors). Yoga is a great form exercise that incorporates mobility AND stability/strength together, in addition to mindful movement. This can help those mobility gains stick and make you feel better and stronger, runner or not. Check out the video below for the "Best Yoga for Runners!"

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