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It's Time to Reach your Goals!

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At Omega Project, you will have access to multiple providers who can provide you with holistic treatment. We offer direct access (no initial prescription needed) to a variety of rehabilitation services including manual treatment, dry needling, and movement retraining. We treat all body parts and injuries and also provide physical solutions for stress, anxiety, breathing dysfunction, vestibular conditions, and more. We don’t just treat the injury or ailment, we treat YOU. Gain the confidence in mind and body to get back to doing what you love!

If you are a new to us, we highly recommend giving us a call or sending an email to Schedule your first appointment

At Omega Project, we provide 100% one-on-one care. This allows us to go beyond the standard of physical therapy care, find the root cause, and get quick results. To maintain this level of care, we are not in-network with any insurance companies. We take payment at the time of your visit. Please head to our FAQ page or contact us with any questions. You can also schedule a free 20-minute discovery visit (in-person or virtual).

302-570-7027 (call or text)


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