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Providing Everything You Need To feel good and keep doing what you love


3D Gait Analysis

If you have been frustrated by injuries or poor performance, there is an easy way to run faster and/or farther with less effort. Recent advances in 3D running analysis technology enable runners of all abilities to get the insight they need to know and improve their form. Athletes work with a certified running gait analyst to develop a personalized plan with exercises, drills, and cues that will improve their running form. Runners will see instant results and make lasting change in as little as 2-3 weeks. Even a 10% improvement in form can help runners go twice as far before their body breaks down. If you are serious about running, a 3D running gait analysis is the best way to get great results.

Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

At Omega Project, you will have access to multiple providers who can provide you with holistic and innovative treatment. We offer direct access a variety of rehabilitation services, including manual treatment, dry needling, and sport-specific movement retraining. We treat all body parts and injuries and also provide physical solutions for stress, anxiety, concussion, vestibular dysfunction, breathing dysfunction, and more. Our success comes in finding the root cause and providing the most effective treatments for fast results. We don’t just treat the injury or ailment, we treat YOU. Gain the confidence in mind and body to get back to doing what you love!


Massage and Restorative Therapy

Our massage therapist combines a variety of advanced massage techniques to optimize healing and recovery. Her specialties include neuromuscular massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point work, scar tissue release, and TECAR therapy. Each visit is personalized to the client's needs and preferences. Neely uses a whole-body and whole-person approach to ensure that the problem area is treated along with other areas of pain, discomfort, and limited mobility.

We also offer a unique technology-enhanced facial massage with many benefits, including collagen and elastin production and muscle toning.

Recovery and Wellness

Take control of your health before you get sick or injured. We offer a range of recovery and wellness services to help us provide you with proactive healthcare. Services include infrared sauna therapy, body-weight-supported treadmill running, and advanced modalities to help with pain and healing.

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