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Running Performance


3D Gait Analysis

Omega Project offers the latest in 3D Gait Analysis, a service typically only available to professional athletes! We go beyond 2D video gait analysis to get you the information and results you need! With a Runner's Movement Screen and 3D gait analysis, we can figure out what really matters, give you the exercises that really count, and make quick and important changes to your form that can save you time and get you back to running right away. 

Scroll down to see the difference between a FULL 3D gait analysis and a gait analysis SCREEN. Also, read about why every runner or athlete who runs needs a gait analysis!


Lever System

There are many reasons you may benefit from the use of our Lever System. The Lever System is used to unweight the walker or runner while on a treadmill. If you're currently injured, this may be a way to keep your fitness up while you recover. If you're coming back from injury, this can be a safe way to re-introduce running while keeping the load of running lower. If you're in a big training period, the Lever System can be used to add mileage without the pounding.

If it is your first time using the lever, please call us to schedule. For returning clients, if you do not see a convenient time on our schedule, please call us.


Coaching Services

Let us know what you need! Have a big race coming up?  Do you want to do everything you can to make sure you feel and move your best? Ready to reclaim your health? Please contact us! We are more than just physical therapy for runners. We'd love to work with you and accommodate your specific needs!


We provide group and/or personal training and coaching, wellness services, movement check-ups, and more!

A common question we get is whether it would be best for you to get a 3D GAIT SCREEN or the Full 3D Gait Analysis. Click the link to learn more...

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